Eighties top albums: Propaganda - A Secret Wish


Dream Within A Dream
The Murder Of Love
Sorry For Laughing
Dr. Mabuse (first life)
The Chase
The Last Word / Strength To Dream

A Secret Wish of Propaganda is, by BMG, seen as one of the most influential debut albums of the eighties. The band, founded in 1982 by Ralf Dörper, Andres Thein and Suzanne Freitag, with, for that time, progressive hard electronic beats. These are provided with dark texts, reminiscent of the work of Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare. By attracting the classically trained Michael Mertens and singer Claudia Brücken, the line-up is complete and after signing a contract with Trevor Horn's ZTT label, they debut in 1984 with the single "Dr. Mabuse".

Although the singles, after "Dr. Mabuse" follows "Duel" and "P: Machinery", reaching the highest levels of European and American charts, even the number one spot here and there, the album does not offer commercial success despite the laudatory critics. However, with the growth of the years A Secret Wish gets a cult status, perhaps partly caused by the different versions of the album and the many remixes that are released from the singles.

Reason to release the original album on 180 grams of vinyl and in a media pack cd edition in a complete, from the original tapes, remastered version. The accompanying, extensive, booklet describes the history of the band, as well as the impact and legacy of this album, which is told through interviews with Ralf Dörper, Claudia Brücken and producer Stephen Lipson.

For lovers, Claudia Brücken and Suzanne Freitag will perform on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 March under the name xPropaganda a performance in The Garage in London, where the entire album will be brought live. A second option takes place on Sunday, August 19 during the W-Fest at Airport  Amougies in Belgium.


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