An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 23

If there is something I have learned over the years than it is "never say never". With the year just six weeks on the run, I have to admit the hunt on Dutch New Wave vinyl has intensivite. At the moment the counter is already on more than 25 purchases (7" singles included).

In January and February I bought a large portion on Discogs (Blue Murder, Boom Boom Mancini, Castilian Drum, De Steile Wand, Dreams Die First?, Hedda Gabler, I Spy, Piu Piu, Ricochet, Sens Unique, Shift, Slauerhoff, Spotlight Kids, The Clear, Top Dogs?, Trespasser W and Zsa Zsa).

Another part of these purchases I obtained during a nice weekend in Amersfoort, where my wife and I stumbled by chance on a free vinyl fair (One Two, Tent, Ad Visser).  We were attracted to the fair by a sixties compilation played just in front of the doorstep. Afterwards I was able to score the Crystal Fire album of I Spy at the local record store Velvet Sound.

Besides that I found some nice other stuff as well (Black, Minor Detail, Thomas Leer, Splitsing, Taurus, The Cry, The Sparks).

After several hours of vinyl hunting in Amersfoort we spend some time at the city brewery De Drie Ringen, where we enjoyed a test board with three beers and some sausages and cheese.

So it was no surprise this intentive vinyl hunt would lead to a new installment as a result.


01. Castilian Drum - Dreamland (5:18)  
02. Das Ding - H.S.T.A. (3:32)
03. Trespasser W - (whatever happened to the filler) B-Sides (4:45)
04. Hedda Gabler - Isle Of Love (4:30)
05. No Honey From These - Up & Romancing (3:54)
06. Just Like Dad - The Beasts And Plants (3:49)
07. Sens Unique - Hands Bound Tight (3:50)
08. Boom Boom Mancini - Into The Line Of Fire (3:40)
09. Top Dogs? - Empty Landscape (3:40)
10. A Useful Pig - Arms For Our Loved Ones 93:11)
11. The Clear - Softly (3:23)
12. The Decoy - She Dreams (3:24)
13. Spotlight Kids - Mental Disorder (2:47)
14. Dreams Die First? - Automatic Fools (6:00)
15. Ricochet - Cats And Dogs (3:57)
16. Saved By Zero - Triple (3:59)
17. Immortal - Two Sides (4:32)
18. Shift - You Are Here And It's O.K. (3:21)
19. Personnel - Change Of Heart (2:53)
20. Ad Visser & Daniel Sahuleka - Giddyap A Gogo (3:49)

Concerning the last track. Ad Visser was a radio dj and a writer among other who hosted the tv music programme Toppop from 1970 'till 1985. Toppop was the Dutch variant of Top Of The Pops. The song "Giddyap A Gogo" is taken from the album "Sobrietas" which accompanied a science fiction book with the same title. The album was released in 18 countries and the single, recorded with Daniel Sahuleka, reached the Dutch Top 40, which resulted in Visser's only appearance as an artist in his own Toppop programme.

the picture

The sleeve was shot in the birthplace of the famous Dutch writer Jan Wolkers. Castle Poelgeest is situated in the village of Oegstgeest. The castle grounds played a major factor in the youth of Jan Wolkers. His first artistic work was created in the garden of the castle on 26 August 1944 after a visit in the hospital that day, where his two year older brother was looked after.


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