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An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 17

Life's what you make it. I know and the past few weeks have been busy. When the summer holidays started at the end of June and I was full of ambition to start my learning route for the Office 365 exam, I didn't know what to expect in the upcoming weeks. Normally these weeks are not that busy, which leaves an IT Officer the time to do the administration. Check the licenses, check the accounts and read some stuff including preparing for an exam. Then my colleague left for a six weeks holiday for Morocco, and soon after we had a break in and over thirty laptops were stolen. It was done with the peace, with the administration and learning period. At once we had to work hard to make sure we didn't fall behind. Within two weeks we enrolled 30 new laptops, did the administration and ordered and implemented new security tools.

No time for the learning curve, since the working days took their toll. Instead of finding time to learn, I demanded rest and relaxation. So what do you do…