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TWClassic 2012

The bill looked nice, although the Belgium bands were a mystery to me. So as a result we decided to enter the festival around half past three just before the start of Amy MacDonald. So we already missed The Scabs and 't Hof van Commerce.

Amy MacDonald just released her third album this year, and the setlist was a cross section of all three albums. She has a strong voice, and most of the time the songs sounds like the studio versions. It is hard to get her out of her comfort zone, so the hour was filled with an Amy hidden behind guitar and microphone. She even played an acoutic version of the Bruce Springsteen classic Born To Run.

Next on the bill was Kaiser Chiefs. They played an hour of mainly hits, and most of the tracks are from their recently released album Souvenir. Not bad music, a mixture of rock, ska and punk with some references to the Beatles. But it gets boring when their singer has the need to keep yelling "We are the Kaiser Chiefs" between the songs. After…

Sean Filkins - War And Piece & Other Short Stories

Sean Filkins
War And Piece & Other Short Stories
(Festival Music 201103)

The debut of the former frontman of Big Big Train is one you shouldn't have missed in the past year. Over sixty minutes of pure progressive rock references to a very gala of predecessor, with a most striking reference to the second instrumental part Sirens Song of Epitath Of A Mariner, which sounds very familiar to the eighties work of Tangerine Dream. Sean Filkins was a member of Big Big TRain at the time of the albums Gathering Speed and The Difference Machine. Precisely during the period when the band decided to broaden their musical horizon. This can clearly be heard on his debut.

Filkins is a storyteller, who performs his stories like Nick Barrett, although vocally he is much stronger and sounds like a crossover of early Phil Collins and Alan Reed, while ex- Galahad bassplayer Lee Abraham, responsible for the instrumental support, covers the production, assisted by Karl Groom and Filkins himself. Aft…

Galahad - Battle Scars