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Top 10 sofar

Again it seems that this year musically is very strong. Surprisingly strong albums of old timers Pallas and Yes, a coming back album of the neoproggers Comedy Of Errors, a first solo album of the former singer of Big Big Train, Sean Filkins, the nice album Of Mirrors, a farewell live album of A-Ha and many more.

Five months before the end of this year it brings me to the following top 10:

01. Comedy Of Errors - Disobey
02. Sean Filkins - War And Peace & Othere Stories
03. Yes - Fly From Here
04. Pallas - XXV
05. Kate Bush - Director's Cut
06. Mirrors - Lights And Offerings
07. Memories Of Machines - Warm Winter
08. Ultravox - Moments From Eden
09. A-Ha - Ending On A High Note - The Final Concert
10. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool