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Pre review The Best Of Vol. 2: Pures Gold / Rares Gold of Unheilig

I was there last year on the tenth of September at the Abschiedskonzert (Farewell Concert) of Unheilig at the RheinEnergieStadion in Coulogne. To be honest, for sure, this was not the best concert of Der Graf I witnessed in the past years since our discovery of the band in March 2012, but it was very emotional.

With the release of Von Mensch zu Mensch some highlights appeared on the accompanied bonus dvd of the limited Fanedition. Since then fans kept asking the band to release the concert as a proper dvd/blu-ray. At the end for the Unheilig team this turned out to be a starting point for a new release of the band.

And so on the 6th of October a new compilation album will see the light of day. The album The Best Of Vol. 2:  Pures Gold will be released in three different formats as one cd, double cd and a Limited Fanedition, containing the double cd plus a double dvd and a blu-ray of the Abschiedskonzert.

The first cd, Pures Gold, contains mainly the well known tracks, singles and con…

Best Of Unheilig Vol. 2 - Rares Gold

Just annouced on the 4th of July, comes the compilation album Pures Gold  / Rares Gold of Unheilig in three formats. The album will be released on the 6th of October, so not on the 29th of September, asthe Unheilig team mentioned at first.

There are two audio cd versions. One with a single cd, called Pures Gold. and one with a double cd, called Rares Gold.

The Limited Deluxe Fanedition, called Rares Gold as well, is the most interesting one and contains five discs with the following tracklists:


01. Zeit zu gehen
02. Große Freiheit
03. Lichter der Stadt
04. Geboren um zu leben
05. Mein Leben ist die Freiheit
06. Zeitreise ft. The Dark Tenor
07. Mein Stern (MTV Unplugged)
08. Lass uns tanzen (new)
09. Einer von Millionen
10. Von Mensch zu Mensch
11. Für immer
12. Wie in guten alten Zeiten
13. Unter deiner Flagge
14. Glück auf das Leben
15. Eisenmann
16. Mein Berg
17. Für mich solls rote Rosen regnen (MTV Unplugged)
18. Der Himmel über mir (2017)
19. Sterne Hoch ft. Th…

An announcement from Unheilig: When wishes come true

On the fourth of July, the Unheilig team came with the following news: When Christmas and Easter fall on the same day... like today! But read yourself:

Dear Unheilig fans,

In the last few weeks, things have turned upon us. Your feedback about a release of the farewell concert in Cologne, has overwhelmed us so much that we have once again put our heads together to make something special for you.
After the count had announced his departure in 2014, he became aware that he wanted to leave a musical legacy. He also produced new songs as well as on the previous tours during the "Zeit zu gehen" tour. These tracks with the Unheilig manuscript are so far unpublished and determined for their fans and for another artist. But this is not settled yet... We would like to fulfill the wish of the count to publish a selection of these particular songs under Unheilig. What is closer to that than a Best Of Vol. 2 CD? We picked up the most popular Unheilig tracks, unreleased and revised songs…