An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 26

A new Volume in the continuing series An Introduction To Dutch New Wave with the following tracklist:

01. A Modest Proposal - Ite Missa Est (5:32) 02. Joep Bruijnjé - Typical (2:59) 03. Bramlaan - An Ordinary Lady (3:20) 04. Willy Nilly - Music For Parents (5:01) 05. The Decoy - Walkin' On Squares (3:42) 06. Monomen - Square On Both Sides (3:14) 07. Altara - Behind The Fence (3:25) 08. Bert Barten - No Principles (2:29) 09. Rick Nolov Band - White Shoes (3:09) 10. X-Factor - Heartbeat (3:35) 11. The Clear - Right Phrases (2:30) 12. De Koffieband - Himalaya (5:08) 13. Naga - I Want To Be Alone (3:53) 14. U-Tang - Pop/Tune/Sound (4:43) 15. Clan Of Xymox - Louise (5:17) 16. Human Toys - Video Junkie (3:48) 17. New Holland - Replacement (3:15) 18. Malice In Wonderland - Nice (4:33) 19. The Bruno's - Lies (3:44) 20. The Missing Link - Minutes (3:55)

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 25

The Volumes still appear although I take my time to create them. Not only since it gets harder to find (or buy) new names, but also because I want to come with a nice mix of featured tracks which gives a pretty much idea of the style these bands / artists were presenting themselves. The result is a Volume which limps on two thoughts, although most of them share the common denominator: They were singles. For some it meant their only release, for others it resulted in a top 40 hit.

So what to expect on this celebrating 25th Volume. Well the main style featured is New Wave and Synthpop varying in side styles from pop, latin to progressive rock. Well know Dutch names like Robert Jan Stips (of Supersister, Golden Earring, Sweet d’Buster and Nits fame), Renée, Quando Quango (okay we can start a discussion but the band was formed in Rotterdam in 1980 and 2/3 was Dutch at that time) and Max Werner (former singer of the symphonic rock band Kayak) stand alongside bands who had a dream to once r…

Eighties Topalbums: Mylène Farmer - Ainsi Soit Je...

Sans Contrefaçon Allan Pourvu Qu'Elles Soient Douces La Ronde Triste Ainsi Soit Je... Sans Logique Jardin De Vienne Deshabillez-Moi The Farmer's Conclusion

Mylène Farmer is born as Mylène Jeanne Gautier on 12 September 1961 in Pierrefonds, Quebec. At the age of eight the family moved back to France. Although she loves horseback riding and even qualifies as a horse instructor, she is gripped by acting at the age of 17. She follows a course at the Cours Florent, a drama school in Paris, where she changes her name, as a homage to the thirties Hollywood actress Frances Farmer to Mylène Farmer. She earns her first money with acting in TV commercials.
In 1984 she met the film student Laurent Boutonnat. He will prove to be of great influence on her career, through the many, often controversial, video clips he shoots for her music. In addition, he writes, especially on her first albums, the music while Mylène Farmer herself, as well as, takes care of all the lyrics. T…

Eighties Topalbums: The Psychedelic Furs - Mirror Moves


The Ghost In You Here Come Cowboys Heaven Heartbeat My Time Like A Stranger Alice's House Only A Game Highwire Days

The Psychedelic Furs was founded in February 1977 by the brothers Richard (vocals) and Tim Butler (bass). Occurred from the post-punk scene, the band developed in the following years towards new wave and hard rock. In 1980 the band debuts with the album the Psychodelic Furs, which is produced by Steve Lilywhite. In addition to the Butler brothers, the line-up consists of Duncan Kilburn (saxophone), Vincy Ely (drums), John Ashton (guitar) and Roger Morris (guitar). The album manages place 18 in the British album charts and also delivers success in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Australia. Successor Talk Talk Talk ensures success in America and delivers with Dumb Waiters and Pretty In Pink the first single success in the UK. The latter will be the inspiration in 1986 for the eponymous film by John Hughes. In 1982 follows the album Forever Now, for which …

Eighties Topalbums: 10CC - Windows In The Jungle

24 Hours Oomachasaooma (feel the love) Yes I Am Americana Panorama City Lights Food For Thought Working Girls Taxi Taxi
I got to know 10CC at the end of the seventies / early eighties through my cousin, because everyone has inscribed Dreadlock Holiday in his memory. The first album I heard from them was Live And Let Live. A very strong live album, I have something with live albums, which is still among my favorites.

Eric Stewart, who after the departure of Godley & Creme in 1976 together with Graham Gouldman remained responsible for the sound of 10CC, got involved in a heavy car accident in 1979. After rehabilitation, he was no longer the old one, which certainly did not benefit the compositional aspect of 10CC. In addition, the group was confronted with a record company that demanded hits. To pull the car back smoothly, the duo worked together with Andrew Gold, but the songs they wrote with him did not end up on the European version of Ten Out Of 10; the eighth 10CC a…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 24

Or the compilation of the local compilations.

Local record stores were always willing to promote local bands. So over the years these collaborations resulted in a lot of these compilations from cities, counties or provinces. Good for the record store and of course good for a local band as well, because it gave the band a change to present itself.

During more than a year that this project is going on now I found a lot of these compilations, but up till now there were never so much compilations forming the base for a Volume.

For most of those bands co-operate to such a compilation album meant their only opportunity to officially release their music. Most of the times the result was one or two tracks getting out in the open. But it meant they were able to generate some interest from the public. Very little bands made it to an official release under their own name. Although for most of them it meant a one or two track only band. For a small group of bands it meant the start of their caree…

Eighties Topalbums: Twelfth Night - Fact And Fiction

We Are Sane Human Being This City World Without End Fact And Fiction The Poet Sniffs A Flower Creepshow Love Song
It was quiet for a while, but I picked up the thread with an album that I had been confronted with in a pleasant way. The C: Live Collective released the debut album The Age Of Insanity in early March. Behind this "collective" is multi-instrumentalist Clive Mitten, who was part of the progressive rock band Twelfth Night in the eighties. In 2016, Mitten, who had not composed any new music for more than 30 years, was triggered to come into action when an intense personal event got a huge political charge. Mitten's wife was vilified on the front page of one of the UK's most notorious tabloids.
As Mitten said, he learned that day in the mainstream media, being tried by a tabloid is more important than whether there is a glimmer of truth in the headlines on the front page of the tabloid (this was not the case). He also learned that social media is …