Tesselaar family brewery Diks

When I mention Texel the first thing family and friends mention is a visit to the Texelse beer brewery. Well to be honest after this long weekend on the isle the first brewery which pops up in my mind won't be this brewery but the Tesselaar family brewery Diks.
A small brewery where you are welcomed home, with an enthusiatic family that produces a small line of well crafted and sublime tasting beers (father Maurice Diks was for years the brewmaster of the Texelse and quite soms beers are from his hand), which are served in a cosy tasting room.
Things and encounters happen for a reason. On Thursday we visited a local retailer in De Koog, when someone with a Tesselaar logo on his shirt walked in and checked the stock. I asked him, later it turned out to be Jasper Diks, if it was possible to visit the brewery and do a tour. There were no tours on Thursday and the tour on Saturday was already full, but we were welcome in the tasting room. So after shopping we drove to the brewery at Sp…


Some indept information about SkeletronicS, after I spoke with Alice Schreij.

After Danny Shoshan released the single "What Did It?" under the name Skeleton, Alice and Danny met each other in the Netherlands and SkeletronicS was born. On the first single "Your Love Is Right" the record company forgot to mention her, which was set right on the 12" version of the single where she is credited as "assisted by Alice Schrey.

On the second single Coming Alive she is mentioned as one of the co-writers of the song.

Although more material was written during the short period the band existed, nothing of that got a proper release since the band broke up due to the hugh success in Italy and Spain (in both countries they scored a top 10 hit), which, looking back, came too quickly for the band.

Nowadays Alice still works under the name of SkeletronicS, while Danny, returned to his native country Israel long ago.

A couple of years ago Alice came into possession of the o…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 32

And that brings us to Volume 32 of An Introduction To Dutch New Wave. This time 65% of the numbers came from recent purchased vinyl. I will keep telling that Discogs has become a major resource for discovering and hunting vinyl from bands and artists, that sometimes released one single only. But since a couple of weeks I am using a great cross reference site called Nederlandse vinylsingles. The guys behind this site are doing a great job, tracking down all Dutch vinyl singles.
Some information on several songs.
The Kimono track is spelled wrong. I kept it this way, since the cover of the single shows the same title. It’s one of the groups of which I used the single b-side instead of the a-side. The others are Blackout (b-side of Obscure Disco), G.T. Modell (b-side of Scratch Your Act) and Weekend At Waikiki (b-side of The Valley).
Frederic And The Flies was a one off project by producer duo Bolland and Bolland. Not only the group name refers to Adam And The Ants, the song contains in…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 31

And so, a bit by surprise, DHL delivered the vinyl yesterday around noon, just when we were about to leave for a visit to Bergen (Noord-Holland). after returning from Bergen, I went straight up and ripped the vinyl. This afternoon I worked on this new Volume, of which most of the songs were arranged already. Some switching here, some changing there and even some re-recording, which in the end resulted in this track list:

01. Toilets - Unspoiled Land (3:40)
02. Bert Barten - Hold On You (3:00)
03. Check The Computer - 1985 (6:51)
04. Spivs - Visions Like Echoes (4:08)
05. Tool & Die - Girl's Song (3:33)
06. Non Alignment Pact - Oceans & Islands (3:08)
07. The Monotones - Mono (3:25)
08. Switch Bitch - Data (3:55)
09. Labyrinth - Help Me Out (3:22)
10. La Danza Moderna - Moments In Time (7") (3:45)
11. Rite De Passage - Armegeddon (3:52)
12. Blue Suit Grey Tie - Open Windows (4:35)
13. Bombitas - Stay In My Life (3:32)
14. Modern Complex - Amusement Park (live) (5:08)

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 85

The last Volume for this week.


01 Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Balloon (3:35)
02 Silent Running - Emotional Warfare (5:14)
03 Jo Lemaire + Flouze - Satellite (2:53)
04 Swing Set - Blackout (4:26)
05 Venetians - Bitter Tears (edited version) (3:43)
06 Allen Chaney - The Sound Of Muzak (3:11)
07 Great Nation - Beat The Wall (3:32)
08 Slow Children - Spring In Fialta (melo edit) (3:58)
09 Kan Kan - Memories And Dreams (4:39)
10 Art Interface - Secretaries From Heaven (3:59)
11 The Instigators - We Don't Know What We Want (3:59)
12 Rita Matsouka - Jalousie (4:30)
13 The Doll - Rescue Me (3:31)
14 Project Four - Life After Life (3:55)
15 Académie - Rendez-Vous (3:57)
16 Shadow - Coming Down (5:55)
17 Anna Domino - Summer's Here (7:32)
18 Unity And Fire - Nothing Brings You Nothing (4:03)

Listen here

Unfortuantly the promised new Volume of An Introduction To Dutch New Wave for this weekend is put on hold since DHL sorted my parcel incorrectly which resulted in a return to their sorti…

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80'sVol. 84

Day four, time for the next volume.

The tracks:

01 Simonics - Under A Glass Bell (7:44)
02 Steve Braun - When I See Your Eyes (radio mix) (3:47)
03 Commotion Upstairs - Before You (3:35)
04 Xynn - Schooldays (4:42)
05 Heroes - Driftaway (4:42)
06 Steve Lake - Welcome To The Monkey House (3:22)
07 Kid Montana - Smiling Faces (4:18)
08 Big Bam Boo - Fell Off A Mountain (3:38)
09 Intimate Strangers - The Blue Hour (3:48)
10 Edwina Laurie - Dark Glasses (3:35)
11 Shoc Corridor - Holding Treasure (3:44)
12 Martin Stephenson & The Daintees - Boat To Bolivia (4:02)
13 The Arrows - Talk Talk (3:44)
14 Snowy Red - The Long Run (5:12)
15 The Questions - Tear Soup (7") (4:02)
16 Software - Human Situation (2:38)
17 Eleven Pond - Tear And Cinnamon (5:00)
18 Ten Ten - When It Rains (4:53)
19 John Dark - Silhouette (3:23)

Listen here

The Unknown Beauty Of the 80's Vol, 83

The third day, so the third Volume of the week.

The Tracklist:

01 Edith Nylon - Cinemascope (2:41)
02 The Modern Mannequins - Streets Of Broken Glass (5:14)
03 Teai Benet - 2:00 Love (2:52)
04 Zoo Boutique - Forgive And Forget (3:08)
05 Peter Beethoven - You're The One (2:27)
06 The Dance - Stay Down (4:47)
07 Go2 - I Like My Own Company (2:54)
08 Rough Trade - Rescue Me (4:30)
09 Uropa Lula - She Appears To Vinish (3:58)
10 Eric Blake - Born To Be Special (3:19)
11 The Wait - Cry (without tears) (4:19)
12 Drinking Electricity - Subliminal 7" (4:16)
13 Sidewinder - Basil Herd (3:00)
14 Josef Garret - Without Sex 93:21)
15 Six Sed Red - Shake It Right 96:55)
16 Fanatics - Total Confusion (3:35)
17 Spoons - Nova Heart (6:41)
18 Room 101 - One By One (3:18)
19 Fear Of Falling - Like A Lion (4:17)
20 Dragon - Rainy Days (3:56)

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