An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 30

The milestone Volume, which took a lot of time. This time I went through old top 40 tip parades, bought some vinyl, and used discogs a lot.
The result is a various volume full New Wave with a twist of Pop Rock, Synthpop and Progressive Rock.


01. Wau Day Rechy - Waiting For The Man (4:06)
02. Moscow tops - Siberian (live) (4:06)
03. Bibi Martin - Expect A Miracle (3:10)
04. Rick Nolov - Stay With Me (3:30)
05. SOS Bikini - Time (live) (5:53)
06. Just Like Dad - The Beasts And Plants (3:49)
07. Pavlow - Camels Here, Camels There (3:00)
08. Lady Di - Aquila City (3:50)
09. The Meteors - Candy (3:05)
10. Nadieh - Lovers Eyes (3:14)
11. Baden Baden - Golden Dreams (3:25)
12. Basic Scream - Black Widow (3:42)
13. Jan Rot - Counting Sheep (3:23)
14. Maarten Peeters And The Dream - Burn Your Boats (5:00)
15. Rotjoch - Tomorrow (1:52)
16. The Mark Band - Innocent Children (4:42)
17. To-Lips - Desire (5:32)
18. The Marks - I Can Wait (2:53)
19. The Millionaires - Boys From The Radio…

The Unknown Beauty Of the 80's Vol 79 + 80

Two new additions to this continues series.

Volume 79:

The Mask - Never (4:40)
Miro Miroe - Nights Of Arabia (3:30)
Luxeria - Public Highway (5:05)
IQ - Drive On (4:58)
A Popular Hisory Of Signs - Ladder Jack (live) (3:46)
Divinyls - Pleasure And Pain (3:53)
APB - Open Your Eyes (3:46)
Virginia Ashley - Darkness Has Reached Its End (3:56)
Calling Rain - Laid In Ruins (4:45)
Die Partei - Strahlsund (3:41)
Look Back In Anger - Flowers (2:32)
Mylene Farmer - Sans Contrefaçon (4:20)
Indian Summer - Just Like Flowers (7" version) (3:58)
Belfegore - Belfegore (3:49)
Hex - Diviner (4:45)
The Happy Family - Puritans (3:15)
Mirrors Of Kiev - Take Me Down (2:14)
Dislocation Dance - Violette (3:01)
Ministry - Say You're Sorry (4:18)
Steve Kilbey - Fireman (4:40)

I follow the band IQ and the singer Mylène Farmer since the eighties. IQ I saw live for the first time in September 1986 during a double concert (with Pallas) the Amsterdam Paradiso. since then it has become the band I have seen the most over the yea…

An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 29

It has been over four months since the last compilation on the Dutch New Wave front. But behind the scenes I bought some new vinyl and searched the internet for possible new additions to this compilation.

To start the background information on this Volume, I was very pleased to discover the compilation album "Groeten uit Amsterdam". It featured the never elsewhere released track Better Than The Movies of The Dutch, of which I am a huge fan since their first official release Working At Los Alamos. The band was featured a lot on Dutch radio during the release of Wastelands, and I even used to have several FM recordings of the band on tape, which went lost when moving houses. Brown Jenkin is from the same compilation.

Several of the live songs are from tapes released by Milkyway Cassettes, which was a cassettelabel featuring recordings from bands who played the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Besides Buster Smiles, featured here with Modern Times, and Rebel, featured here with Run. Alth…

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 78

The Easter special with the following tracks:

Session - Unit The Forces (5:08)
Shox - No Turning Back (2:53)
The Names - The Astronaut (5:11)
Hula - Walk On Stalks Of Shattered Glass (4:39)
Trevor Herion - Big City (4:25)
Illustrated Man - Day Without End (4:42)
The Photos - Now You Tell Me That We're Through (3:31)
John Watts - I Smelt Roses (in the underground) (3:54)
Jih - Big Blue Ocean (3:44)
Seona Dancing - More To Lose (7" version) (3:48)
Tactics - Binoculars (3:10)
Repetition - The Still Reflex (4:03)
Lyon In Winter - The Haunting Moon (3:33)
Tango In Mono - Expressos (3:19)
Original Mirros - Sharp Words (4:27)
Whirlywirld - Window To The World (3:40)
Boxbury Beat - Windows (3:11)
The Lucy Show - The Price Of Love (4:46)
The Group - Technology (5:33)
The Young Jacques - Jacques Cousteau (2:35)


The Unknown Beauty Of The 80's Vol. 77

It has been quiet for a couple of months concerning new volumes.
But behind the scenes I worked on several new volumes to reach hopefully the milestone Volume 80 this year.

This Volume mainly was created through the searches for The Spleen radioshows and the references I received on Discogs. It turned out that checking the list of a seller can present you  quite some pearls. This searching filled a pool of potential new featured artists on the upcoming Volumes. But for these I take my time. I listen each Volume several times now, polish on the tracklist or simply replace a song when I am not satisfied.

The final result of number 77, compared for 80% with the list I came up with in the first place. The track list:

01. Absolute Body Control - The Man I Wanna Be (3:50)
02. Sacred Moment - Symphony (04:50)
03. Symbols - Speed Of Light (04:45)
04. La Mode - Diálogo (04:02)
05. Days Of Sorrow - Wild World (05:59)
06. Metro - America In My Head (05:42)
07. Diviacchi - Waiting For Heaven (vocal version…

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s Vol. 76

This Volume was not planned for quite awhile. I was in the assumption that the first new addition would be a new installed of An Introduction To Dutch New Wave. But, unfortunately, while creating a bootable USB stick of Windows 10 Build 1809, I choose the wrong medium and therefore destroyed and formatted my "unsorted music SSD" containing an amount of 450GB of music, photos and other files.

I tried several recovery programs resulting in the same outcome: I had lost the files. In the end I turned to a recovery firm, who offered to check my drive for free in five days. After that periods, possibly after shelving my drive and do nothing, they contacted me and told me they could give a good try after paying them nearly € 250. By that time, fortunately, I had found a backup of the drive dating to early September. I accepted the loss, and started to create the Spleen database again and supplement the Unknown Beauty database. Also it took me some time to create the other files.


The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s Vol. 75

Time is going fast when you are having fun, which brings me to Volume 75.
The foundation was laid with several singles I ordered over the past few weeks.

As with Volume 74 the search through Discogs, and the ordering of the singles, brought most of the tracks to this compilation. Again I enjoyed the search through Discogs the most, although it is always fun when a name and title can bring you so much pleasure when you discover the sound.

Over the nest couple of weeks I will move my attention to some other things. I am in the progress of preparing an Exchange exam and besides that I work on a new Dutch New Wave compilation.

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