The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s Vol. 76

This Volume was not planned for quite awhile. I was in the assumption that the first new addition would be a new installed of An Introduction To Dutch New Wave. But, unfortunately, while creating a bootable USB stick of Windows 10 Build 1809, I choose the wrong medium and therefore destroyed and formatted my "unsorted music SSD" containing an amount of 450GB of music, photos and other files.

I tried several recovery programs resulting in the same outcome: I had lost the files. In the end I turned to a recovery firm, who offered to check my drive for free in five days. After that periods, possibly after shelving my drive and do nothing, they contacted me and told me they could give a good try after paying them nearly € 250. By that time, fortunately, I ad found a backup of the drive dating to early September. I accepted the loss, and started to create the Spleen database again and supplement the Unknown Beauty database. also it took me some time to create the other files.


The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s Vol. 75

Time is going fast when you are having fun, which brings me to Volume 75.
The foundation was laid with several singles I ordered over the past few weeks.

As with Volume 74 the search through Discogs, and the ordering of the singles, brought most of the tracks to this compilation. Again I enjoyed the search through Discogs the most, although it is always fun when a name and title can bring you so much pleasure when you discover the sound.

Over the nest couple of weeks I will move my attention to some other things. I am in the progress of preparing an Exchange exam and besides that I work on a new Dutch New Wave compilation.

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The Unknown Beaty Of the 80s Vol. 74

This weeks Volume, although inspired by the radio show Spleen, took a journey by itself when I was checking references on Discogs. You know the recommendations offered at the base of an entry, well this recommendations took me to a lot of new names which resulted in new music. It was enjoyable and time consuming but also a way to kill the time in the wait of the singles, which finally arrived this week (but that is something for the next volume).
Enjoy this new volume.

A repost of Volume 70

Due to an administrative failure, I was a bit behind with adding the volumes to my database, I found out this morning that 3 songs featured on Volume 70 are separately featured on Volume 65, 72 and 73.

Since it was easier to change the tracklist of Volume 70, hereby the new version with three new tracks.

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The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s sofar

It was 2002 and on the trip back from a well deserved and well spent holiday in Switzerland we drove back home on the German highways. The radio was on for the whole day and played the tracks from the German and US base radiostations.

Along came The Great Commandment of Camouflage which made quite an impression on me. Although my teenage years were in the 80s, the Dutch radio didn't bring that much new wave music which soon after the trip I would discover. I started searching for New Wave music, collection stuff from blogs and a few years later from the New Wave Outpost. And my musical buying changed a lot during that time.

In 2005, for fun, I created the first 60 Volumes and a Bonus Volume (the later 61) of what became to be known as The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s. In these days I travelled a lot by train from home to work and back, which gave me time to listen to my homemade cd's.

In 2015 I dug op the cd's and started the project all over again trying to find all of those…

The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s Vol. 73

A bit of disappointment this week, since it looks like the singles I ordered some weeks ago seems to get lost in the mail. I still hope they will be delivered, but it will be difficult.

But well, here's another installment of the continuing series.

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The Unknown Beauty Of The 80s Vol. 72

Unfortuantly still waiting for a bunch of singles I ordered over a week ago. I hope they arrive during the weekend so I can rip them for a future Volume.

Meanwhile the hunt on tracks featured in the Spleen radio show is paying off with a new Volume in the continuing Unknown Beauty Of The 80s series.
This new Volume is mostly based on new finds from the show, but also featured other fine tunes stumbled upon while searching through Discogs.

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Enjoy the weekend.