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Unheilig - Gipfelstürmer

UNHEILIG Gipfelstürmer (UNIVERSAL INTERNATIONAL 0602537706129)
In recent months, there was a lot to do. Less than a week after announcing Gipfelstürmer in September, Der Graf announced to stop after the upcoming tour with Unheilig. The book will be closed on September 10, 2016  with a grand farewell concert in Cologne. Besides the fact that he wants to spend more time with his family, the main drive has to be the lack of challenges. The Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year had to be the platform for a possible breakthrough in the non German speaking countries, but the German Eurovision audience threw a spanner in the works. Gipfelstürmer is the eighth and last musical work of Der Graf. The new songs partly follow a thematic approach, where the beautiful and rugged mountain world forms the framework of the tracks. Der Graf keeps improving and perfecting his style, without neglecting the emotional side of life. He used a welded writing break to wrap his images, thoughts and dreams…