Repost No-Man

Several people have asked me to repost the eigthies material of No-Man. So here it is again.

No-Man is the band of Steven Wilson and Tim Bowness and dates back to the late eighties. After playing in Karma and Pride Of Passion Steve Wilson decided to start his own band. The first release, From A Toyshop Window, of this band, called No Man Is An Island Except For The Isle Of Man was released on the compilation album Exposure (1986). On this track Wilson plays all the instruments. It's a very progressive rock orientated song. On the Double Exposure album from 1987 the name is cut to No Man Is An Island, and ex plenty vocalist Tim Bowness and Stuart Blagdan on guitar have joined the band. Faith's Last Doubt is the track featured on this compilation.

In 1989 The Girl From Missouri 12" is released which shows a hugh step forward towards the music No-Man is known for these days. Violin player Ben Coleman has joined the band and Blagdan has left. Later that year they change the name to No-Man and release the Swagger tape.

From 1990 untill today No-Man releases albums during unregular periods and through a great variety of record companies. Check their website for more info.

The eighties period of the band contains the following tracks:

From A Toyshops Window
Faith's Last Doubt
Life Is Everywhere
Mouth Was Blue
The Girl From Missouri
Forest Almost Burning
Night Sky, Sweet Heart
The Ballet Beast


doc kwan said…
THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH for this repost!! I quite enjoyed your review of the 10cc gig, they were such a great band in the day. I'm just curious who did the falsetto leads in "Donna" & "Old Wild Men" since GG was the bass/baritone of the group.

Many thanks again & peace
Rissan said…
The falsetto's were done by Mick Wilson, who does most of the parts Eric Stewart used to do.
inzelight said…
PLEASE,RE-UP !!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
петух бля

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