A Flock Of Seagulls

Being a fan for many many years I was really surprised the band decided finally, after 25 years, to do an European tour again. I am aware of the fact that it's only Mike Score nowadays who's left of the old line-up. Still I like to see them, because back in 1984 I was unable to visit the famous Noorderligt at Tilburg. On 09-09-09 A Flock Of Seagulls will play the well known Paradiso theatre in Amsterdam.

I became an instant fan of the four when I heard I Ran on the radio. But it was Wishing (if I had a photograph of you) which really turned me into AFOS. Through the years I was able to track down most of their vynil releases. And of course the CD's followed as well. I even became a member of the Airborne Division. With the internet things changed and in 1996 I was able to get a CDR copy of most of the b-sides and rare recordings of AFOS ripped from vynil, which I like to share with you. The recordings are from the period 1982 - 1985 when they had the line-up of:

Mike Score - Vocals, keyboards
Frank Maudsley - Bass, backing vocals
Paul Reynolds - Guitar
Ali Score - Drums

A Flock Of Seagulls - B-Sides

01. Talking (remix) (from the original Cocteau 12")
02. Talking (instrumental) (from the original Cocteau 12")
03. Factory Music (from the original Cocteau 12")
04. Pick Me Up (I Ran b-side)
05. Windows (Space Age Lovesong b-side)
06. The Last Flight Of Yuri Gagarin (Nightmares b-side)
07. Rosenmontag (extended version) (Nightmares b-side)
08. Tanglimara (It's Not Me Talking b-side)
09. The Traveler (live) (Wishing b-side)
10. Comitted (Wishing b-side)
11. I Ran (live) (Transfer Affection b-side)
12. Quicksand (Transfer Affection b-side)
13. Never Again (the dancer) (dance mix) (Never Again b-side)
14. Living In Heaven (Never Again b-side)
15. The More You Live, The More You Love (full moon mix) (TMYL, TMYL 12")
16. Lost Control (totally) (TMYL, TMYL b-side)

BTW the Airborne Division is still alive.

This is not all. Here you find a link to a concert registration of the Full Moon Tour, recorded in Toronto 1984.


RObert POland said…
AFOS still sounds good.
I have some B-sides, but your upload is full+complete :)

Anonymous said…
Just discovered your place.
Fantastic stuff. Keep it up.
Anonymous said…
wow. thanx for sharing!
Machiventa said…
Awesome post! I like their first 4 albums, not sure if they did anything after that. These are from their best period though. Thanks!!
Repost please, i need it....thanks

Rissan said…
Hi Alex,

Buy their albums, they just have been re-released with the tracks of this compilation as a bonus.

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