Red Sand - Behind The Mask

Behind The Mask
( SPBN005)

After a hiatus of five years with Behind The Mask the Canadian band Red Sand delivers her fourth studio album. It is no secret that the music of the band strongly operate in the Marillion / Genesis vein. Guitarist Simon Caron does not hide the influences and his playing and solos sound at times like a Steve Rothery clone, although the reference to Steve Hackett certainly is not neglected. It provides at least seven beautiful compositions, which retrieve musical references from the heyday of Genesis (A Trick Of The Tail and Winds & Wuthering) and Marillion's Fish period.

In Memory Of Past Simon Caron shows his skills, and it seems for five minutes Steve Rothery is leading the band. The almost ten minute long track Mask Of Liberty holds references to Grendel while Veil Of Insanity Part 1 floats on the melody of Your Own Special Way. After which the playing skills of the fourteen year old Pennylia Caron, yes the daughter, lift the instrumental Veil Of Insanity Part 2 to higher spheres

The title track makes a journey through the first three Marillion albums and I could continue with mentioning the references. Is this a stain on the reputation of Red Sand? No, certainly not, the group succeeds with flying colors. The songs are all gems of compositions with the pleasant voice of Stephane Dorval and a strong rhythm session in the person of bassist Mathieu Gosselin and drummer Danny Robertson.

If Simon Caron continues to deliver this delicious mix of progressive rock in future releases, it looks very promising for Red Sand and cognoscente’s of bands like Marillion and Genesis will be delighted and certainly embrace the band.


Zero Of War
Behind The Mask
Memory Of Past
Mask Of Liberty
Veil Of Insanity Part 1
Veil Of Insanity Part 2


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