Return to London

My first visit to London goes back to 1983. Fourth class of Senior General Secondary Education a group of thirty students visited the capital of England with three teachers as part of a study week abroad. We had fun, went to the Punch and Judy, a pub in Covent Garden, to the free museums, to the Tower Bridge and lot of other sightseeing spots in London and bought records at the famous Harrods. It was a great week, first time off without parents and a bunch of schoolfriends with you.

I returned to London in 1998 and spent a couple of days in the city with friends from Grimsby. Visited some old places and some new places of course. We had fun again and this time bought CD's at the Virgin Store and several other music stores. After seeing London we then spent some days in Oxford, Nottingham and Grimsby before I turned home again.

And now in 2009 at the end of April London will be visited again. This time with a particular reason. After 25 years I will be seeing Ultravox performing live again. I only saw the band performing live once. This was during the 1984 Lament tour, when they played the Vredenburg theatre on 18 September in Utrecht. With a great support of Messengers, who also participated during the Ultravox concert on keyboards and backing vocals. I am really looking forward to this show.

For people interested in the music of Messengers, their album "It's Been Twenty Years, Let's Try Turning Up The Volume", containing 13 tracks, is available through the ultravox website. The album ships with an internet Url, where you can access a note from Danny and Colin and SIX BONUS TRACKS.


Jenny said…
Cool! Would LOVE to see ultravox live!!!

Have a great time!!!!
Carl said…
I too last saw Ultravox on the Lament tour , i really enjoyed the Messengers ,and have been searching for their recordings for years with no luck .
Hope you enjoy the concert
Rissan said…

an album of the Messengers is available through the Ultravox website:
carl said…
Many thanks Rissan , i am off there now to investigate

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