An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Vol. 24

Or the compilation of the local compilations.


Local record stores were always willing to promote local bands. So over the years these collaborations resulted in a lot of these compilations from cities, counties or provinces. Good for the record store and of course good for a local band as well, because it gave the band a change to present itself.

During more than a year that this project is going on now I found a lot of these compilations, but up till now there were never so much compilations forming the base for a Volume.

For most of those bands co-operate to such a compilation album meant their only opportunity to officially release their music. Most of the times the result was one or two tracks getting out in the open. But it meant they were able to generate some interest from the public. Very little bands made it to an official release under their own name. Although for most of them it meant a one or two track only band. For a small group of bands it meant the start of their career.

Wardance, Idiotsavant, Michiel Peters and Zaza form the bands with a track from their own release to complete this volume.


01. Wardanse - After The Rain (7:45)  
02. Two Supply - Make Believe (4:00)
03. zZero - I'll Find It Out (3:25)
04. The Difference - Maria (3:50)
05. Pitchband - As A Matter Of Fact (3:25)
06. Gimmick - The Voice (3:47)
07. A Complex - Men Of Sports (2:33)
08. Mad Mill - Black Hole (2:47)
09. Idiotsavant - Maskarab (7:51)
10. The Marks - Alaska (3:11)
11. Robert's Rubbish - Made In Holland (2:44)
12. X 21 - French Name (3:36)
13. Quite Simple - Neon Lover (3:14)
14. Klang - The Things We Do For Love (3:06)
15. Michiel Peters - House By The Water (4:27)
16. Expresso - Tear (4:04)
17. Baden Baden - One Summer (3:16)
18. Low - Third World Living (4:21)
19. Dutch Touch - Skies Over Holland (2:21)
20. ZaZa - Tormentor (5:12)


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