An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 18

Just before rounding up October I present you the 18th installment of this series. To be honest I never thought I would come this far. But somehow new groups and artists come overhead each time I scum my resources on the internet. Also a visit of a second hand vynil store in The Hague last week provided me with some nice contributions and new additions in my ever growing music collection.

In the eigthies the VPRO had a program on the Sunday called Spleen, which run for a couple of years. This program turned out to be a hugh inspiration source over the past months, and through this program I discovered f.e. Raoul Röring, which is presented on this volume. Also the Diggin' Demos YouTube page profided some nice contributions again.

The tracklist for Volume 18:

01. Hi-I - Mind Your Head (4:42)
02. Lucid Dreams - Chemicals (3:45)
03. Bunker - Robots (3:25)
04. Raoul Röring - Learning To Love (4:32)
05. Drem - The Green Of Kindergarten (4:01)
06. The Scene - Two Things (3:07)
07. Plane Of Section - The Raven (3:16)
08. Scissors - Silence (3:11)
09. Beauyama- Tell Me What's On Your Mind (4:26)
10. Oppenheimer Offbeat - My Friend Mr. Pgee (3:44)
11. Bolland & Bolland - You're In The Army Now (4:15)
12. Rangoon - Christina Rosetti (3:54)
13. Joep Bruinjé - Remember This (4:16)
14. Corneil Nies - 45'-85' (5:50)
15. Gruppo Sportivo - Life In Tokyo (3:21)
16. Piu Piu- I Like To Love My Baby But... (3:32)
17. G.T. Modell - A Name (3:48)
18. 12" From Heaven - Mystery (live)
19. A Sceptic View - See My Self (4:06)
20. Scream Therapy - Then I Saw Here (3:18)

The link.

The picture was taken on the Grote Markt (Big Marketsquare) in Haarlem. In December 2014 this square formed the location for a big charity radio show called Serious Request.


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