An Introduction To Dutch New Wave Volume 10

And so we come to Volume 10. A volume filled with outsiders. Bands that never faced the success of a top 40 listing, but still became known for their music. What binds them is the will to create music that is not mainstream. Fighting against the stream, and still get known by the public.

The tracklist for Volume 10:

01. Genetic Factor - Action Spot (4:15)
02. Cargo Cultus - A Summer Idyl (4:39)
03. Mekanik Kommando - Passing Clouds (4:48)
04. Ende Schneafliet - Synthimental Love Song (live) (3:07)
05. Vienna Moralis - Wiener Krem (4:21)
06. Coïtus Int. - My Ideal Man (3:32)
07. Meer Staal - Material Brain (3:52)
08. Tox Modell - Paris St. Lazare (2:09)
09. Van Kaye & Ignit - Picassos On The Wall (3:25)
10. Electric Party - Strings In Time (3:51)
11. Berlitz Drama - Frühling (3:15)
12. Another - Paris Tribe (4:28)
13. Exploiting The Prophets - 4x Horizontal (4:32)
14. Bazooka - Das Fest (3:22)
15. Das Wesen - In Your Face (3:33)
16. Cybe - Fun (2:33)
17. Hessel Veldman - I Can Hear Trumpets (8:09)
18. Remo Tobs - Gimme Printemps (2:25)
19. Pain - H.M.S. (2:54)
20. Nyrabakiga - Cor Corora (6:32)

And to be honest, since new romantics and synthpop are my favourite streams within the New Wave and in this series I want to introduce you to the Dutch New Wave, the chosen songs are an example of their most accessible material. The result is an interesting journey into the experimental, industrial and minimal stream of the New Wave musical spectrum.

You find it here.

Therefore the picture for this Volume, like a wink to the music, is that of the only big industry in the Netherlands situated in the port of IJmuiden (my hometown).

Koninklijke Hoogovens known as Koninklijke Nederlandsche Hoogovens en Staalfabrieken (KNHS) until 1996 or informally Hoogovens was a Dutch steel producer founded in 1918.

The IJmuiden steelworks based in IJmuiden, the Netherlands was built between 1920 and 1940, first producing iron, later steel, with hot and cold rolling producing flat products. In the 1960s the company diversified into Aluminium production.

The company briefly merged its IJmuiden steel plant with German steel company Hoesch from 1972 forming the joint venture Estel but demerged in 1982. In 1999, the company merged with the larger British Steel plc to create the Corus Group steel company. The aluminium production assets were sold off during the Corus period. In 2007, Corus Group was purchased by India-based Tata Steel and was renamed Tata Steel Europe in 2010.

The picture shows the beach of Wijk aan Zee with the plants in the background.


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