The last indoor concert of Lichter der Stadt II - Letzter Halt!

Around seven we left our hotel for the concert at the Dortmund Westfalenhalle. It was a ten minutes ride with the U Bahn, and we arrived at the hall just to witness the last three to four songs of ·F·R·E·I·. At ten to eight the intro music of two old German songs, Lilly Marlene and one unknown to us, were played and then the countdown followed for the last concert of Unheilig’s Lichter der Stadt II – Letzter Halt! Tour.

In two hours Der Graf and his band played a varying set of songs from the bands history. A great setlist which was a lot harder than the first Lichter der Stadt tour of last year. Many of the ballads were replaced by older louder songs like Feuerengel and Freiheit. Although Winter seemed to be gone for quite some weeks now, the song still was surprisingly in the setlist and the video played along on the screens.

After a slow and a bit uncertain start Der Graf came loose. Certainly when one of the woman at the front row threw him a towel. He wiped his sweat away while asking the woman if she wanted the towel back in a dry or wet condition. Of course she wanted it back in a wet state. So after wiping some more sweat away he threw it back. A couple of songs later a second woman threw him a towel. Again he wiped back the sweat and again the question with the same answer. This time when he threw it back the woman wiped away her sweat with the towel. Which surprised Der Graf when watching it on the screen. The crowd went hilarious about the scene.

At the intro of one of the later songs in the setlist the keyboards went down. No power was the conclusion and Der Graf entertained the crowd. When the power was back we had to imagine see a camera in the hand of Der Graf, like in Men In Black, and with a push on the “bottom“ he explaned that we were at an Unheilig concert. Der Graf would go behind the coulisse and the band would start a new song.

Just before Maschine Der Graf was able to get all the public from their seated places.  They retuened for three encores and after introducing the band at the end, Der Graf thanked the crowd and asked for patience towards the writing of the new album.

We enjoyed every minute of it and it was a pity it was over so soon. At ten the lights went on and at a quarter after we had the U Bahn back to the city. 


Das Licht (intro)
Auf ewig
Mein Stern
Herz aus Eis
Tage wie Gold
Sage Ja!
Lichter der Stadt
So wie du warst
Für immer

Geboren um zu leben
Grosse Freiheit


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