Revenge of the London quartet

Last year my friend and I visited the concert of Clock Opera at the Paradiso. They played the small hall that evening in October 2012, but it turned out quite disappointed because of the worse sound.
Still we decided to visit them again when they played the Bitterzoet. And This time no disappointments. What a gig. With again the full debut album Ways To Forget, but also three songs released through the deluxe version of the album on iTunes. The sound was suburb, the atmosphere eclectic, and the crowd went crazy.

The band has certainly learned from the touring in the past year, since the setlist was build to a climax which the crowd could feel from the start, when first single White Noise opened the set. It was great to hear the extra songs like Let Go The Lifeboats, New Arrivals and Alouette to be performed. After them they build up to a climax, while the crowd certainly was longing for the singles Once And For All and Lesson No 7. The latter played as a last encore, but both played with passion and lots of energy. Belongings ended the regular set with a mash explosion of energy by the band. The waiting for the encores took some time as Guy Connelly explained on returning that the band weren't able to hear the cheering crowd because of the thick door seperating the hall from the backstage area.

This time the crowd was left with a great feeling and a lot of andrenaline and energy after the band left the stage playing there for more than an hour. They had given all and delivered even more. What a concert, what a vibe and what a sound.


Guy Connelly - Vocals, guitar, effects
Adam West - Bass
Dan Armstrong - Keyboards, backing vocals
Che Albrighton - Drums


White Noise
Man Made
A Piece Of String
11th Hour
The Lost Buoys
Let Go The Lifeboats
New Arrivals
Move To The Mountains
Once And For All

Fail Better
Lesson No 7


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