Everything Everything


It has been awhile since my last entry. already in March of 2013 but for sure I can tell I probably already discovered one of the best albums of this year.

It’s called Arc from the Manchester band Everything Everything. From the start I fell in love with most of the songs after a first listening. Cough Cough, the opener is a catchy one this makes you hum with it right away. Kemosabe, the second single from the album, got a great chorus with mellotron all over it. Duet, the third single, reminds me of White Lies with beautiful violin support. And so I can go on. Other highlights are Choice Mountain, Armourland, Radiant, Don’t Try and the beautiful ballad The Peaks. The great thing about this band is that they’re able to give each song a different twist. At first you think you are listening to the next clone of Coldplay, but surely they are in a complete different league. Because they combine it with sounds and atmospheres of White Lies and Clock Opera and deliver it with a progressive rock sauce all over it.

So no wonder this album has been in my player for weeks now. The deluxe version comes with an extra disc that contains six tracks


Cough Cough
Torso Of The Week
Choice mountain
Feet For Hands
The House Is Dust
The Peaks
Don’t Try

No Plan
Duet (alternative version)
Don’t try (Everything Everything remix)


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