The ranking over 2012

I have to say 2012 turned out to be a wonderful year for music. Both in the progressive - and new wave / synthpop scene the releases were wonderful and mostly great productions. At first a list of ten albums would be enough but with so much fine releases over the year I made two top tens. One with the progressive rock music and the other with the new wave / synthpop music. But first the top ten that was send to the magazine I wrote for. The top ten had to be send a couple of weeks ago and since then the number one and number two in that list have switched places, mainly because at the end of November Unheilig released the winter edition of their succesful album Lichter der Stadt and the live album on dvd and cd of their succesful tour of this year.

iO Pages top 10

01. It Bites – Map Of The Past
02. Unheilig – Lichter der Stadt
03. The Fixx – Beautiful Friction
04. Big Big Train – English Electric (part 1)
05. Galahad – Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria
06. Clock Opera – Ways To Forget
07. Mystery – The World Is A Game
08. DeeExpus – King Of Number 33
09. Galahad – Battle Scars
10. Ultravox - Brilliant

My progressive rock top 10


01. Unheilig - Lichter der Stadt
02. It Bites - Map Of The world
03. Big Big Train - English Electric (part 1)
04. Galahad - Beyond THe Realm Of Euphoria
05. Mystery - The World Is A Game
06. DeeExpus - King Of Number 33
07. Galahad - Battle Scars
08. Jadis - See Right Through
09. Alan Reed - First In A Field Of One
10. Landmarq - Entertaining Angels

New Wave / Synthpop top 10

01. The Fixx - Beautiful Friction
02. Clock Opera - Ways To Forget
03. Ultravox - Brilliant
04. Nik Kershaw - Ei8ht
05. Dead Can Dance - Anastasis
06. Aimee Mann - Charmer
07. Tori Amos - Gold Dust
08. Marina & The Diamonds - Electra Heart
09. Keane - Strangeland
10. The Script - #3


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