Alan Reed - Dancing With Ghosts

Alan Reed
Danicing With Ghosts
(Red Dwarf Recordings RD0101 / The Merch Desk)

After 26 years it is time for Alan reed to stand on his own feet. Dancing With Ghosts is his first solo release. The ep best can be seen as a warm up release to keep the listeners interested and get them ready for First In A Field Of One, Reed’s first solo album which is planned for early 2012. Both titles refer to the hectic period which followed on his (un)volentary departure of Pallas. On this ep Reed choose to approach the songs from an acoustic interpretation, not a progressive sound but pure vocals, guitar and bas with here and there some keyboard and drum support. The choice of work is from the past and the present, with Sanctuary being a surprised opener. A bombastic sounded somg of over nine minutes brought back to an acoustic interpretation of five, turns out to be wonderful. With Who’s To Blame, again that gut feeling, Reed plays the second Pallas song and with Kean On The Job he looks back on his Abel Ganz career, which is the last song on his trip to memory lane. He ends Dancing With Ghosts with the acoustic versions of Teardrops In The Rain and Begin Again, both featured on the upcoming album, but played in a more relaxed manner. Besides Reed Jennifer Clark plays the bass, while Scott Higham does the additional drums and Mark Spencer the sitar and keyboards. After listening tot his ep I was left behind with mixed feelings. Besides the fact that Reed has chosen songs that highlights his current situation, the listener is left wondering what the result might be. Do not get me wrong, the acoustic versions of this songs are definitely worth listening to, but I have the feeling Reed is using this ep to make a point to his former Pallas mates, that he can stand on his own feet. If the latter is right than I can surely says his mission is accomplished and I am longing to hear the real thing on First In A Field Of One.


Who's To Blame
Kean On The Job
Teardrops In The Rain
Begin Again


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