Konchordat - The New Crusade

The New Cruisade
(Konchordat Music KMCD1002)

Konchordat for me is a new name, though it appears the group released an album called English Ghosts in 2009. Driving force behind the group is Steve Cork (bass, keyboards and bass pedals) who in Stuart Martin (vocals, guitar and keyboards) found a new partner in crime. Martin was one of guest guitarists on English Ghosts. On The New Crusade, they are assisted by Liam Green on drums.

Listening to the six-track album, I can only conclude that the gentlemen put their ears to a listen to Magellan, IQ and It Bites and they have forged their style. Frequently the keyboards, usually in combination with the guitar playing the same melody, bring the magnum opus of It Bites, Once Around The World, in mind, while the very sudden breaks and heavy pounding work with bombastic bladder samples have a strong Magellan’s Magna Carta reminiscent. Throw in the symphonic sauce of IQ, especially in the spherical portions, and a new Konchordat is born. The beauty of this album is that Konchordat continues to play this combination in mostly all of the songs, with the exception of Time To Go which really sounds like IQ.

Overall it is always the sum of three, which dominates each song in a very positive way. A nice solid guitar solo in Panic Room, colse to hard rock, with Dream Theater-like structures of guitar and keyboards make it the best track of the album, although the title track, Heaven's Gate and A Coming Of Age are hardly inferior to the high level of Panic Room. Scars Inside is actually the stranger in their midst since the song, despite the bombast and the interplay of keyboards and guitar, sounds too much the same and the strong melody leans to the progressive hard rock tendency.

The New Crusade is an album which grows with every time you play it and thus reveals the recognition of the musical mix, without, and I should really emphasize that, distraction. It truly is unfortunate when after fifty-five minutes Stuart Martin ends with "It's Time For Me To Go" and a spherical carpet of keyboards supports the closing Hackett-style guitar solo.


The New Crusade
A Coming Of Age
Panic Room
Heaven's Gate
Scars Inside
Time To Go


konchordat said…
Mant thanks for your great review of our album 'The New Crusade'.
We're really pleased that you like it so much
stuart martin(konchordat)

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