No room for nonsense

Customs played the Paradiso, Amsterdam on 01 March. Customs is a Belgium combo of four retrofuturists, known for melody, atmosphere and mathematical edge. Influences detected by several journalists include: The House of Love, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Sound, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and Cocteau Twins. and you can add nowaday bands like Editors and Interpol to that list.

So tonight they played the small hall of the Paradiso in Amsterdam. After the Kraftwerk intro the band opened with The Matador, their third single of their album Enter The Characters, which just has been released in the Netherlands, but already available for several months in Belgium. The sound was excellent, well balanced and very tight. From the start Customs were able to win the crowd for them. With a strong setlist, including the cover Shine On of The House of Love they played three quarter of their debut with a moving crowd from begin to end, which seemed to know more than their singles Justine and Rex.

The sound was heavier then on the album, and the keyboard samplers were hardly used.


The Matador
Tonight We All Stand Out
Talk More Nonsense
Where The Moon Spends His Days
Shine On (The House of Love cover)
We Are Ghosts
Shut Up, Narcissus.


Kristof Marie August Albert Uittebroek - vocals, guitar
Joan Willy August Govaerts - bass
Jelle Florentius Mark Janse - guitar
Ace Mirko Zec - drums


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