Winter time

Last night, during the last weekend of October, it was time to put back the clocks for an hour. A strange phenomenon, decided in 1977, to give people more suntime during the summer. In winter time follows its original path, but in summer the clock goes an hour forward to have more sun during the day.

Although the start of the winter is roughly two months away from now, somehow you get the feeling that it has started with changing the time. So I checked my collection to see if there was something to bring in those long evenings of the winter. Turned out to be a nice list of nice tracks.

So now you can enjoy your winter evenings with a nice collection of wintersongs, while for example reading a good book and/or enjoying a good glass of (winter) beer.

Winter Time

Psyche - Love Is A Winter
Freeez - Caribbean Winter
Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter
Big Country - Winter Sky
Camouflage - Winter
The Cure - Winter (studio outtake 1978)
The Dolphin Brothers - My Winter
English Evenings - Winter Feelings
Translator - Winter Crying
Killing Joke - Wintergardens
Bangles - Hazy Shade Of Winter (hazy shade mix)
The Mockers - A Winter's Tale
Music For Pleasure - Winterscenne
Nits - Sometime In Winter
Screaming Trees - Winter song
Fiat Lux - Feels Like Winter Again
Yazoo - Winter Kills
Duran Duran - Winter Marches On
Psyche - Love Is A Winter (reprise)


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