Some indept information about SkeletronicS, after I spoke with Alice Schreij.

After Danny Shoshan released the single "What Did It?" under the name Skeleton, Alice and Danny met each other in the Netherlands and SkeletronicS was born. On the first single "Your Love Is Right" the record company forgot to mention her, which was set right on the 12" version of the single where she is credited as "assisted by Alice Schrey.

On the second single Coming Alive she is mentioned as one of the co-writers of the song.

Although more material was written during the short period the band existed, nothing of that got a proper release since the band broke up due to the hugh success in Italy and Spain (in both countries they scored a top 10 hit), which, looking back, came too quickly for the band.

Nowadays Alice still works under the name of SkeletronicS, while Danny, returned to his native country Israel long ago.

A couple of years ago Alice came into possession of the original tapes of the songs, which were digitized. Via a Finnish producer several remixes of the singles were created by international DJ's while in the Netherlands Alice worked on a remix with Salvador Breed.


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